Since nothing is sacred, Universal Pictures and Silver Pictures have announced plans to remake "Weird Science," the 1985 John Hughes classic about a pair of nerds who create the perfect woman using their computer. (At the time, it was a space aged concept; now digital love is the norm.)

Joel Silver, the producer behind everything from "Lethal Weapon" to "Die Hard" to "The Matrix," is set to produce, while Michael Bacall, who wrote the raucous "Project X" and "21 Jump Street," has signed on to write the script.

Details are fuzzy right now, but the initial report groaningly indicates that the relatively innocuous "Weird Science" will be reconfigured as "an edgier R-rated comedy in line with 'The Hangover.'" Oh boy.

It will be interesting to see who the studios casts in the pivotal role of the "perfect woman," portrayed in the original film by a stunning young Kelly LeBrock. We imagine it will be someone in the Brooklyn Decker mold.

And while it is easy (really, really easy) to write off this remake as a cynical cash grab, it is heartening to know that Michael Bacall is on the case. "21 Jump Street" had a certain '80s flavor and he co-wrote the script to modern classic "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," which mixed fantasy and reality in a similar way to "Weird Science." If they don't end up using the original Oingo Boingo theme music, in some capacity, though, then all hope is lost.

[via Deadline]
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