Country superstar Garth Brooks could have been a movie star, too, but a pesky tornado got in his way. At least, that's one theory in a series of allegations lobbed against the singer in a scathing lawsuit filed last week.

Lisa Sanderson, who filed the complaint, was a producing partner at Brooks's Red Strokes Entertainment, whose goal was to develop film and TV projects for the singer. Sanderson claims she was promised 50 percent of producers' profits from those projects, but they never got off the ground, thanks to Brooks's inflated ego.

Sanderson alleges that Brooks was poised to launch a lucrative film career, but sabotaged his and others' success at every turn. Her complaint states that Brooks is "a paranoid, angry, deceitful, and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime."

According to the complaint, Brooks botched several opportunities to star in big-name Hollywood blockbusters, allegedly turning down a role as a sniper in "Saving Private Ryan" because he "was unwilling to share the limelight with the rest of the ensemble cast," including Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. He similarly balked at a part offered in "Twister," the complaint says, because "the star of the film was the tornado and Brooks wanted to be the star."

Brooks also allegedly pitched an original film idea to Fox that the studio loved, but then backed out of the project when he refused to share the rights to his music. Sanderson claims that Brooks told executives during the pitch meeting that his father was dead, when he was actually still alive.

Opportunities to work on Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and develop his own script called "Alyss" were also squandered, Sanderson claims, and the scorned producer is seeking serious retribution. Sanderson is suing Brooks for breach of contract and fraud, and asking for $425,000 in unpaid salary, bonuses, and punitive damages.

Though the obvious takeaway from all these allegations might be that Brooks is a little off his rocker, the biggest question for us remains: could Brooks have upstaged that tornado? We think he just might have been able to outshine the weather system, but sadly, we'll never know.

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