Moviefone's Blu-ray of the Week"Jurassic Park 3D"What's It About? God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs... Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth. Why We're IN: It's "Jurassic Park 3D" from the comfort of your home. What more do you need?

Moviefone's New Release of the Week"The Impossible"What's It About? Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor star as the parents of a vacationing family that gets separated from each other during the devastating 2004 tsunami of Southeast Asia and struggle to locate each other and their missing children. Why We're IN: Watts earned an Oscar nomination and it's easy to see why; as harrowing as the story can be at times, it's an incredibly moving, and even more remarkably, true tale that will keep you captivated.

New on DVD & Blu-ray"Any Day Now"What's It About? Alan Cumming stars in a true-story family drama about a gay couple that takes in a mentally challenged boy but must fight the courts to be recognized as his best caretakers. It can be melodramatic at times, but Cumming has never been a bad actor. In or Out: IN.

"The Central Park Five"What's It About? Ken Burns co-directs this documentary looking at an infamous 1989 crime and the five young men that were wrongfully convicted. Even though it took place in the past, the story is just as gripping now to watch unfold. In or Out: IN.

"Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie"What's It About?Wait, 4/20 was this past weekend!In or Out: OUT.

"Family Weekend"What's It About? A teenage girl holds her dysfunctional parents (Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine) hostage in an attempt to work out their issues. Other comedies have explored the same subject matter a lot better. In or Out: OUT.

"Gangster Squad"What's It About? Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, and Emma Stone headline an all-star "cops vs. mob" movie that's all music video style and no substance. In or Out: OUT.

"A Haunted House"What's It About?Didn't this just come out? No, you're confusing it with "Scary Movie 5." Does that matter? No. In or Out: OUT.

"It's In the Blood"What's It About? Lance Henriksen stars in a direct-to-DVD supernatural thriller.... as he always does. In or Out: For Lance completists only.

"K-11"What's It About? Kristen Stewart's mom directed this warped prison thriller filled with pulpy characters. It's hard to watch a movie try to be "campy cult fun" and fail. In or Out: OUT.

"Pawn"What's It About? Ray Liotta, Forest Whitaker, and Michael Chiklis are just some of the names in this hostage thriller involving dirty cops and two-bit crooks. If you've seen one of these movies, you've seen them all. In or Out: For fans of the genre only.

"Promised Land"What's It About? Matt Damon and John Krasinski co-write and star under Gus Van Sant ("Good Will Hunting") in a small-town drama about a big, corporate salesman and an environmental activist fighting over fracking rights, a small town, and the affections of a woman. There are some problems involving plot twists, but there's enough substance to compensate. In or Out: IN.

"Wasted on the Young"What's It About? Step-brothers who fall on opposing sides of the social hierarchy come to blows over a beautiful classmate and her slandered reputation in a sleek, gritty, tech-savvy Australian drama that's heavy on the style and soap opera, and light on plausibility. In or Out: OUT.

"Wuthering Heights"What's It About? Emily Bronte's classic novel gets perhaps its most gorgeous and lyrical adaptation yet. In or Out: IN.

New to Blu-ray"Champion" (1949) "City That Never Sleeps" "Copacabana""The Great Gatsby" (1974) "Magic Town"Pierre Etaix Criterion Collection("As Long as You've Got Your Health" | "Land of Milk and Honey" | "Le grand amour" | "The Suitor" | "Yoyo" | 3 shorts) "The Red Pony""Richard III" Criterion Collection

John Wayne-a-mania!"The Fighting Seabees""Santa Fe Stampede""Wake of the Red Witch""War of the Wildcats"
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