Summer is heavy with blockbusters, but the hottest season of the year isn't reserved just for big-budget action, sci-fi, and superhero movies. Some of us like alternative (or supplemental) programming, and, fortunately, there are lots of small films with huge appeal catering to our hunger for indie goodness.

Among the little gems you'll find from May through August is a new film from the director of "The Avengers" (the biggest movie of 2012) and debut features from filmmakers who'll be big names in the years to come. You'll also see some familiar faces in these movies, which star actors from the "Harry Potter," "Iron Man," "X-Men," "Twilight," and "Amazing Spider-Man" franchises. See? Something for everyone.

Below, check out Moviefone's round-up of indie films we're betting money on (and into, with our date-night dollars) this summer.

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