For indie film fans, Richard Linklater's "Before Sunrise," along with its follow-up, "Before Sunset," represent the anti-rom-com -- two movies that drop the overused romantic cliches and happy endings we see in mainstream films and instead opt for the mutual curiosity and messiness we actually experience during a relationship.

The path of Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), two strangers who first meet in "Before Sunrise" on a train in Vienna and fall in love, was initially inspired by Linklater's experience one night back in the '80s. However, until now, the specific details of that night were unknown.

Yesterday, the Times of London gave a little more insight into it, and provided details about the woman (Amy) who was Linklater's inspiration for the "Before" series. (You can read about that over on the Times' site.)

While doing press at the Tribeca Film Festival, Moviefone spoke with the director a little more about that night, its sad aftermath, and the decision he made to dedicate this film to her.

"We spent one night walking around Philadelphia [together] in 1989, and I just found out a couple years ago that she had died young, in a motorcycle accident," a emotional Linklater said. "I didn't know... She wasn't even alive when we shot in Vienna. She died that Mother's Day weekend. It's just so sad."

Linklater was able to figure out the details after a friend of the woman's had put the story together and reached out to the director. Despite the sad fate of Amy, Linklater was happy for the memories he had with her, and how situations like these can blossom into a story like "Before Sunrise."

"It's just how we influence each other. That's why we always have to give your best self to everyone, because you never know how you're going to influence these people in this world. And Ethan [Hawke] was like, well if she never existed, these films wouldn't have been made and we wouldn't have known each other. I mean, who knows how we reverraberate through each other's lives. But she's an inspiration on this."

You can read our full interview with Linklater, where he discusses much more about "Before Midnight," next week.
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