Welcome to "Star Trek Into Darkness" week on Moviefone! From April 22 - 26, we're featuring a spankin'-new exclusive from JJ Abrams's highly anticipated sci-fi sequel. Oh, Captain Kirk. You're always pushing the boundaries!

Kirk (Chris Pine) takes Spock on a wild (and very narrow) ride in this exclusive clip from "Star Trek Into Darkness."

With hostile forces on their tail, the crew seems to have no way out -- that is until the brash captain sees a small sliver of an opening. "This ship won't fit," Spock screams, just as Kirk ignores his plea, turns the ship on its side, and tries to squeeze on through. Did the Enterprise and its crew come out unscathed?

Watch the suspense-filled clip above, and find out what happens next when "Star Trek Into Darkness" hits select IMAX theaters starting May 15th and theaters everywhere May 17th.

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