Bruce Willis is retired and extremely dangerous -- though the former status won't last for long.

The superstar returns to the screen as retired black-ops agent Frank Moses in "Red 2," the sequel to his 2010 action comedy. Joining him for the reunion are Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker.

The new trailer opens with Frank and lady love Sarah Ross (Parker) doing the most mundane of chores - shopping at Costco - when Malkovich's Marvin Boggins pops up. "You haven't killed anybody in months!" Marvin exclaims.

Frank reluctantly un-retires to assemble a team to track down a missing nuclear device, but to find it they have to pry the info out of a wacko scientist (Anthony Hopkins). Meanwhile, Victoria (Mirren) and other enemy operatives are on Frank's tail, so he calls in extra help in the form of ex-flame (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who's still, well, jonesing for him! Sarah is not happy about it. "I hate her so much."

"Red 2" hits theaters July 19.
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