Steven Soderbergh may not get behind the lens for the follow-up to "Magic Mike," but that doesn't mean the director won't still be involved in the sequel.

While promoting his HBO Liberace biopic "Behind the Candelabra," Soderbergh said that the movie was well on its way through development, with a plot idea already in place and the entire original cast set to reprise their roles.

"We actually just had a meeting about it the other day," Soderbergh said. "It's getting pretty far 'along. They've got a good idea. There were some stories and events that [titular star] Channing [Tatum] lived through that we just couldn't fit in the first one. One of them is a really hilarious and very cinematic idea that we reluctantly didn't put in the first film, because it was such a big idea you could build a whole film out of it -- but we didn't want to build that film out of it. It's perfect for this, though." notes that Tatum had previously described the follow-up as a "road movie" and "broad comedy," though no other plot details have emerged thus far.

Soderbergh added that he "want(s) to help" with the sequel, and would be overseeing the story and production in some capacity, though not as director.

"I have some proprietary feelings about it, obviously," he said. "I want to make sure it gets done and done well, so we meet every couple of weeks to talk about where it's going. But it's gonna be good. It's a good idea. It's not a retread. And there will be more time spent with the characters - all of them."

Look for lots more shirtless thrusting to hit theaters sometime soon.

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