New, eye-popping footage of "Pacific Rim" hit the web Monday, providing an extended, tantalizing look at Guillermo del Toro's upcoming feature.

The clip, which debuted at WonderCon last month, features star Charlie Hunnam in voiceover describing the emergence of the mysterious alien life that came from the Pacific and began terrorizing the planet. Humans created giant robots with which to fight the monsters, but as Hunnam explains, the battle to reclaim Earth has only just begun.

Fight after fight between robot and alien is depicted in the footage, each more action-packed than the last, featuring explosions, epic water battles, buildings being toppled, and one enterprising robot wielding a stray boat as a weapon. Audiences also get a closer look at the scientist character played by Charlie Day ("Horrible Bosses"), who describes the robots as "2,500 tons of awesome."

There's a lot going on, and will no doubt whet the appetites of audiences eager to see the film. Day's presence promises the movie won't take itself too seriously, and Idris Elba's stirring-bordering-on-cheesy declaration "We are canceling the apocalypse" ensures an epic final act. Count us among the excited.

"Pacific Rim" hits theaters July 12.

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