As excitement for the new "Star Wars" trilogy continues to build, there's one big question that's on every fan's mind: will Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher reprise their roles in the series? While most agree that the answer is probably "yes," Disney isn't talking -- but that hasn't stopped Fisher from dropping hints anyway.

At an appearance last weekend at Calgary Comic Expo, Fisher alluded to Disney executives getting in touch with her -- and asking her to shed some weight.

"I like being bought by Disney, because they never wanted to buy me before," Fisher told the crowd. "I'm glad they are doing a new movie because they are sending a trainer to my house so I can get in really good shape. So I'm really eating a lot of sugar in advance, as you can see. By the time I really get down to it I will have eaten everything."

Fisher has never been one to shy away from self-deprecation and brutal honesty -- see her memoir "Wishful Drinking" or any recent interview for evidence -- but the crack about Disney hiring her a trainer certainly indicates that the studio wants her in fighting shape to see some action as Princess Leia in "Star Wars: Episode VII." And Fisher previously told Palm Beach Illustrated that she would indeed be appearing in the new film, joking that Leia would be "in an intergalactic old folks' home," still wearing her iconic "bagel buns and the bikini."

Fisher isn't the only one who's stoked the speculation fires. Hamill has told reporters that the original trio have been in talks with series creator George Lucas for months, while Lucas more or less confirmed to Bloomberg BusinessWeek that the stars were already in final negotiations to reprise their roles.

Now we just have to wait for Disney to make things official -- perhaps at ComiCon in July? May the force be with us until then.

[via Calgary Herald]
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