"Oblivion" co-star and former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko has enrolled in "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters," an adaptation of the latest supernatural young-adult craze.

The "Vampire Academy" series takes place at St. Vladimir's Academy, and Kurylenko will play the thankless role of headmistress Kirova. If you thought regular high school was confusing and full of needless social constructs, wait until you get a load of St. Vlad's. There are good vampires (the Moroi), bad vampires (the Strigoi), and half-human guardians who are trained to protect the Moroi and stop the Strigoi (dhampirs).

Our heroine, Rose, who is not too fond of Kirova, is a dhampir whose BFF is Lissa, queen of the vamps. While she's training to become a bad-ass guardian, Rose is also feeling some not-so-undead feelings for her teacher, Dimitri.

Zoey Deutch, who played queen bee Emily Asher in "Beautiful Creatures," has signed on for the lead role of Rose. Lissa will be played by newcomer Lucy Fry, and sexy Russian Danila Kozlovski will have the enviable task of playing the half human/half vampire love interest.

Although the idea of another magical love triangle YA adaptation might make us a little skeptical, "Blood Sisters" has some pretty legit credentials. Based on the best-selling books by Richelle Mead, "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" is being adapted for the screen by "Heathers" scribe Daniel Waters. His brother, Mark Waters, is on board to direct, and his filmography includes "Mean Girls" and the dark indie comedy "The House of Yes."

The Weinstein Company is aiming for a Valentine's Day release.

[via Deadline]
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