One of the coolest things about this Friday's "Iron Man 3" is the line-up of new armors set to make their big-screen debut: the Mark VIII, the Iron Patriot, the Heartbreaker, Silver Centurion, Shotgun, Red Snapper, Gemini Space! We've run out of breath just trying to recap Tony Stark's mad display of tech.

But there's a few Iron Man suits that wound up on the cutting room floor and locked away in a vault of deleted scenes. Luckily for you, we don't need to wait for a super-special edition Blu-ray to get a peek at these rare and unusual armors -- because artist extraordinaire Dennis Culver and Moviefone have teamed up to give you an inside look at the most unusual Iron Man upgrades from Stark Industries.

These six suits will have Tony prepared for any battle situation -- whether it's a little bit of corporate synergy between Marvel and Disney or for when he's dropped into a gathering of ten-thousand ninjas partying at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. Check out the armor designs in the gallery below.


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