Natalie Portman is the latest exceptional actress to take a crack at one of Shakespeare's most notorious characters, Lady Macbeth. The new film production of "Macbeth" was just announced yesterday, with Michael Fassbender as the eponymous lead and Justin Kurzel ("Snowtown") in the director's chair. These announcements are coming down the pipeline pretty quickly, so it looks like Kurzel et al are on track for their late 2013 shooting schedule.

Although writers Todd Louiso and Jacob Koskoff have more experience with comedy than Shakespearean drama, anyone who's familiar with Kurzel's brutal film "Snowtown" should be eager to see this adaptation. It's already a wonderfully gruesome and thrilling play, but the script is described as having "a visceral approach to the story, including significant battles scenes." It will be a period piece, set in the play's era of the 11th century and using Shakespeare's text.

It will be interesting to see how this adaptation stacks up against previous films, which includes the grim Roman Polanski version written after the director's wife was murdered by the Manson family, and Orson Welles's 1948 version.

Portman and Fassy just finished working together on Terrence Malick's curious Texas movie, and in the meantime, Portman is still shooting "Jane Got a Gun." She is co-starring in "Thor: The Dark World," which will be hitting theaters this November. Fassbender is no stranger to superheroes himself; he's currently filming "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

[via Screen Daily]
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