Steven Spielberg and Bradley Cooper are teaming up for a new movie about the most successful sniper in U.S. military history.

Spielberg will direct and Cooper will star in "American Sniper," based on the memoir of the same name by former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Kyle spent 10 years as a sniper for the military, recording the most kills in its history and earning a bounty on his head from Iraqi insurgents. The book details Kyle's experiences abroad and at home, where his career put a strain on his family life.

Cooper has been developing the project since last year -- he'll also produce the film, along with Spielberg -- and at one point hoped to have his "Silver Linings Playbook" director David O. Russell helm the project. The pair is currently working together on "American Hustle," but we think Spielberg is an excellent substitute for "Sniper." Perhaps Spielberg's signing on was part of the reason behind Cooper dropping out of "Jane Got a Gun"?

Screenwriter Jason Dean Hall was previously attached to adapt the book, but it's unclear whether that's still the plan. Also unclear is how the production will handle Kyle's recent death: he and another man were allegedly murdered by a fellow veteran in February at a Texas shooting range. Kyle was 38.

[via THR]
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