Alexander Skarsgard toted an adorable accessory around the screening of his new movie "What Maisie Knew": His co-star, Onata Aprile!

Skarsgard played dad for the night, carrying the 7-year-old on the red carpet and posing alongside his on-screen girlfriend, Julianne Moore. We didn't think the "True Blood" star could get anymore attractive -- we were wrong.

"What Maisie Knew" is based on the Henry James novel of the same name. The movie tells the story of Maisie's (Aprile) divorced parents' custody tug-of-war, all through her eyes. Julianne Moore plays Maisie's mom, and Skarsgard plays Moore's boyfriend -- who ends up acting as the little girl's second/surrogate father while her parents battle it out.

Check out the adorable pictures below. "What Maisie Knew" opens in limited release today.

What Maisie Knew
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A child suffers silently as her divorced, self-absorbed parents use her against each other. Read More

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