Next week, J.J. Abrams's brand new space-set sci-fi epic "Star Trek Into Darkness" opens across the galaxy, and soon after Abrams will be faced with an even more intergalactic challenge: continuing the "Star Wars" saga for Disney. While promoting "Star Trek Into Darkness," Abrams and his 'Trek' costar Simon Pegg (who plays Scotty) discussed the cultural importance of "Star Wars," the differences between the two franchises, and how Abrams is approaching the new film.

"It was a seismic event in the mid-'70s... It utterly changed society, let alone cinema," Pegg says, describing the impact the original "Star Wars" had on him. (Anyone who has seen his British television series "Spaced" can attest to his fervent love of all things Lucas.) Abrams added: "I remember seeing in a magazine six months before the movie come out, just seeing the logo, and I remember saying aloud -- "Star Wars" -- I had never said those words before, and it was unusual."

As to his first experience with "Star Trek," Abrams said that, "I tried... I would sit and watch episodes and try to find my way in... But I loved the action of 'Star Wars' and 'Trek' never had that." Pegg says that part of the success of Abrams' "Star Trek" is that he injected some of the science fiction fantasy of the "Star Wars" movies into the 'Trek' universe.

After Abrams talks briefly about the differing approaches to both franchises, Pegg jokily interjects with, "Oh are you doing 'Star Wars' now?" Pegg also gets in one amazing parting zinger when he says, "Now the title... 'The Further Adventure of Jar Jar Binks'... wise?"
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