"The Great Gatsby" has been a staple on the high school and college syllabus for nearly a century, so it's probably not a big spoiler to remind you that Jay Gatsby dies near the end, shot to death in his swimming pool by George Wilson, who mistakenly blames Gatsby for driving the car that killed Wilson's wife, Myrtle.

But even if you hadn't read the book, it wouldn't be too big of a shock to see Leonardo DiCaprio's Gatsby die in the new film version of "The Great Gatsby" (opening May 10). After all, it's hard to think of a current leading man who's suffered more on-screen deaths than DiCaprio. (For what it's worth, DiCaprio is stepping into the shoes of Robert Redford, who played Gatsby in the 1974 version, and who was the leading man in his own day who was least likely to survive until the the end credits rolled.)

The typical DiCaprio death scene is often startling in its abruptness. He tends to die suddenly and quickly, without suffering much or having enough time to mutter memorable last words. But he does leave a beautiful corpse, which is probably why there are a number of fan-made supercuts of his death scenes on YouTube.

Here, then, are eight memorable pre-"Gatsby" DiCaprio death scenes. Read 'em and weep.leonardo dicaprio in the great gatsby
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