This exclusive image from "Now You See Me" is more than meets the eye: it contains a hidden gem -- or should we say diamond.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Summit Entertainment film -- which follows a team of illusionists as they pull off a series of heists using their unique talents -- the production company announced an interactive treasure hunt called the Diamond Heist Challenge. To take part in the magical challenge, you'll have to find the thirteen diamond playing cards -- from the Ace through the King -- that are hidden in various places online, from websites to social media platforms, and even in the New York Times crossword puzzle from Friday, May 3 (your first hint!).

Once each of the thirteen diamond playing cards are found, you can unlock exclusive video content featuring the stars of "Now You See Me" by downloading the Blippar app to your iPhone or Android, and then pointing your phone at the image.

As you'll see below, Moviefone has been chosen to hide one of those playing cards in an exclusive image! Hidden amidst Morgan Freeman, a crowd of smiling faces, and a shower of money, you'll find the Queen of Diamonds! Blipp the photo to reveal exclusive content. To find out more about the Diamond Heist Challenge watch this video, and for a list of clues visit

"Now You See Me" poofs into theaters May 31.

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