Craig Robinson is a busy guy.

The former "Office" star is so busy, in fact, that when he sat down with Moviefone he had to ask which movie we were talking about. That's the new comedy "Peeples," for the record.

After he found his footing, Robinson explained why his role as Kerry Washington's boyfriend was important -- and not just because he's playing the love interest of one of Hollywood's hottest (and most in demand) actresses.

You were so funny in "Hot Tub Time Machine," and there are a lot of great comedic actors in "Peeples." Did your agent say this is a great movie for people who've done standup? [Director] Tina [Gordon Chism] was pitching it to me, and she talked about David Alan Grier being Virgil Peeples and going head-to-head with him, so in the initial meeting that was really appealing. And then she said something about kissing Kerry Washington and I said, "Okay, yeah, I'll do it."

How was kissing Kerry Washington? I can remember every moment and I cherish them. I've got buddies who call me and see the trailer and say, "You kissed Kerry Washington ... man!" It's just this weird pause. Yeah, it's lovely. Hopefully there will be a part two.

This movie has something every family can relate to: lying to yourself and denial, right? Yeah, it was a movie about being true to yourself and letting secrets come out even though you are afraid of how your family or whoever will react, but there is no love lost regardless. It's a human issue, people can relate regardless of race, so that was the special thing about it.

Your character, Wade, wants to marry Kerry's Grace. Why is it so important to him that her parents approve? He knows that her family is everything to her, and he just realizes how important that is and he is head over heels for her. He's old fashioned and so he wants to go in and show that I'm your man and this is how it's going to be, so I'm going to have to get along with your parents anyway, let's go get this on.

This film seems to send a lot of messages. What's your take? Be yourself. I think that's what Wade brings to the family, just a raw honesty of who he is and this is how I am. I am in love with your daughter, so deal with it.

Tell us that you have a Melvin Van Peebles story from the set. Melvin and Diahann Carroll, just legends. David Alan Grier is the funniest dude on the planet, so he was forever kicking us with laughter. We were all just singing harmony off-camera. It was a great experience.

You've been very busy lately, and you've got another film coming out right after "Peeples." Two more, "Rapture" and "This Is the End." "This Is the End" was last year, so it's really crazy, the timing of them.

And "The Office" just wrapped up, and I've got another pilot, so it's a very busy season for me. But it's okay because when it's over, I'll do something nice for myself, take myself out of the country to some beach and just relax.

"Peeples" hits theaters May 10.

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