In space, no one can hear Sandra Bullock scream.

The teaser trailer for "Gravity," the latest from "Children of Men" director Alfonso Cuaron, has been unleashed, and it evokes more phobias than we can count.

The sci-fi flick revolves around two astronauts, played by Bullock (Dr. Ryan Stone) and George Clooney (Matt Kowalsky), whose space station is crippled by errant debris, leaving them floating aimlessly in the lonely, black depths of space. So, think of it like the opposite of a contained thriller, but with the same life-or-death stakes.

The trailer previews the scene in which the space station is torn apart, leaving a terrified Bullock scrambling to grab a hold of something -- anything -- that will keep her from floating endlessly into deep space.

If this teaser is any indication, we're in for some startling realism. Our dreams of becoming an astronaut just turned into nightmares.

"Gravity" hits theaters October 4, 2013.
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