A biopic screenplay about Hillary Rodham Clinton has been floating around Hollywood for quite some time -- it won a spot on 2012's Black List, an honor reserved for the industry's best unproduced scripts -- and is set to begin production soon. But just what that screenplay depicts about the life of the former Secretary of State, senator, and First Lady had remained a mystery until now.

The Daily Beast claims to have obtained a final draft copy of the script, and it's full of juicy details about the early courtship of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton. The majority of the story -- simply titled "Rodham" -- focuses on Hillary's stint serving as an attorney for the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry staff during President Richard Nixon's impeachment proceedings.

During that time in 1974, 26-year-old Hillary was dating Bill, a law professor running for a House seat in Arkansas. According to The Daily Beast's summary, the script includes several mentions of Hillary's presidential aspirations and desire to be taken seriously as a woman in a field dominated by men. There's also a steamy sex scene between Hillary and Bill where the two "devour each other." Later, while making up after a long separation, Bill plays Hillary some songs on his saxophone.

The script is also merciless in its depiction of Hillary's looks. The Daily Beast states that in the opening scenes, "She is described as a blonde with an 'awful haircut' whose face is obscured by a 'hideous pair of Coke-bottle glasses' and who is, in totality, 'the valedictorian of the "look-like-sh*t school of feminism."' Bill Clinton, meanwhile, is described as a 'Viking' with a 'full mane' and 'six-inch beard.'"

Based on those specifics, it sounds like "Rodham" will be a pretty unflinching and revealing take on Hillary's life, though whether all these particular details actually come to fruition on the big screen remains to be seen. "Rodham" was written by Hollywood newcomer Young Il Kim, and James Ponsoldt is set to direct.

[via The Daily Beast]
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