James Franco and Seth Rogen were just yanking our chains when they released a fake trailer for "Pineapple Express 2" on April Fools' Day (see above). While the clip ended up being another promo for their upcoming apocalypse comedy "This Is the End," it turns out that that spoof wasn't just wishful thinking.

Franco revealed in a recent interview that he and Rogen very much want to make a follow-up to "Pineapple," the beloved 2008 comedy, which starred the pair as stoners whose love of weed takes a dark turn after they witness a murder. A reporter for GQ asked Franco why there weren't any current plans for a sequel, and the actor had this to say:

"As far as why 'Pineapple Express 2' has not been made for real, I don't know what the holdup is. I would do it, Danny [McBride] would do it, Seth [Rogen] would do it. I think Seth and [co-writer] Evan [Goldberg] just need a fire lit under their asses."

Rogen has no doubt been busy, starring in a string of recent films, including "The Green Hornet," "Paul," "50/50," and "The Guilt Trip," and even making cameo TV appearances on shows like "Eastbound and Down" and "The Mindy Project." Plus, he's in the midst of promoting the aforementioned "This Is the End" (due out June 12) alongside Franco, who's also had a lot on his plate. (Being an actor-writer-director-artist-student usually takes up a lot of time.)

It seems like the stars really do need to align for this project to get off the ground, but the fact that all the major players are on board with the idea gives us hope that it could become a reality some day. Based on Franco's statements to GQ, one original member of the project probably won't be back: director David Gordon Green. When asked about his role in "Your Highness," a film also directed by Green, Franco had a few choice words about the project.

"That movie sucks," he said.

[via GQ]
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