This weekend, "Star Trek Into Darkness" boldly goes into theaters nationwide. The highly anticipated sequel to 2009's outstanding reboot "Star Trek," the movie is the third iteration of the classic franchise to hit the big screen.

First, there were the adventures of the Starship Enterprise commanded by Captain Kirk (William Shatner), and then another crop of movies when, much later, another Enterprise, led by Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), explored the final frontier. The new 'Trek' continuity involves alternate realities and time travel, and a kind of parallel universe crew of the original Enterprise, again with a Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and the same crew, except much younger and sexier.

But where does "Star Trek Into Darkness" fall in the entire franchise? We decided to rank all 12 (!) 'Star Trek' adventures, from best to worst, for your reading pleasure.

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Star Trek Into Darkness
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The crew of the Starship Enterprise returns home after an act of terrorism within its own organization... Read More

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