Tonight marks the series finale of The Office. How will you spend it? Well, in front of your TV, of course. But why not make the experience a bit of a celebration? Invite some friends over, serve some Scotch with Splenda, and play a little Dunderball. It's easy -- especially when you've got a handy list. Here, courtesy of Office Tally, are 20 things you need to hold an Office finale party that would make Michael dance badly. (Episode references are in parentheses.) You can find the complete Office Tally list here.

Savory Foods

  • McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwiches (Hot Girl)

  • Ham and cheese sandwiches (The Secret)

  • Tuna fish sandwiches (Gay Witch Hunt)

  • Grilled cheese sandwiches (The Client)

  • Caprese salad (Frame Toby)

Sweet Food

  • Ice cream sandwiches (Health Care)

  • Donuts (Michael's Birthday)

  • "Fudgie the Whale" ice cream cake (Survivor Man)

  • Peach pie (Survivor Man)

  • Chocolate pudding cups (The Injury)


  • Grape soda (The Secret)

  • Peach iced tea (The Secret)

  • Scotch with Splenda (Two Weeks)

  • Coke in cans (Drug Testing)

  • Espresso drinks (Cafe Disco)


  • Brown, black, and grey balloons, only partially filled, and a sign saying "It is the finale."


  • Flonkerton (Office Olympics)

  • Charades (Dinner Party)

  • Sumo Wrestling Suit (Beach Games)

  • Dunderball
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