"The Avengers 2" isn't due out until 2015, but we're all eager beavers for as much info as possible. Luckily, writer/director Joss Whedon is happy to oblige.

Whedon was at the ABC Upfronts this week chatting up the new Marvel show "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," when he revealed a few more details regarding the follow-up to 2012's big-budget blockbuster. Earlier, Whedon had let slip some juicy tidbits about "a brother/sister act" that would appear in "The Avengers 2," which fans speculated would be Scarlet Witch and her twin Quicksilver. In an interview with IGN, the director more or less confirmed that assumption.

"You know, they had a rough beginning. They're interesting to me because they sort of represent the part of the world that wouldn't necessarily agree with The Avengers. So they're not there to make things easier. I'm not putting any characters in the movie that will make things easier."

Another confirmation from Whedon? Tony Stark will (not surprisingly) be back for the sequel as well, even though he destroyed his suits at the end of "Iron Man 3."

"Well, I feel like in 'Iron Man 3,' even though he said, 'I've changed' -- he blew up his remote suits, but I don't think anybody thinks he doesn't have one anymore. The question is, if The Avengers are called, does he show up? And the answer is, 'Yes!'"

How will Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver figure into all of this? Guess we'll have to wait until the next time Whedon decides to let another tidbit slip. Perhaps on Twitter?

[via IGN]
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