Turns out those Beyonce pregnancy reports are more than just speculation.

Multiple sources have confirmed to E! News that the "Epic" star and her rapper husband, Jay-Z, are expecting baby number two. While the couple have yet to comment or confirm, fellow hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons tweeted his congratulations to the couple. Hmm, interesting. Very interesting.

Speculation about whether Blue Ivy's mom was again with child began after photos of Bey looking a little bit bigger in the tummy region while on tour popped up on the Internet. The NY Post then reported that sources had confirmed to them that the singer was, in fact, pregnant.

As you may recall, Beyonce announced her first pregnancy without saying a word -- she just showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards sporting an unmistakable baby bump and rubbed her belly. In other words, there's no telling when or how Beyonce will announce baby number two.

We'll be waiting!

[via E! News, NY Post]

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