Earlier this month, "Jurassic Park 4" was rumored to be facing extinction after Universal announced the project would be delayed indefinitely to accommodate filmmakers' ambitious plans for the long-awaited sequel. While the studio put a sunnier spin on the decision -- the delay would allow "adequate time to bring audiences the best possible version" of the film, Universal said -- some crew members were less optimistic, insinuating on social media that the movie was in serious trouble.

Now, Sam Neill, who starred as Dr. Alan Grant in the first and third films in the "Jurassic Park" franchise, may have shed some light on why the delay was necessary. In a short comment to The Dominion Post, Neill said that he was unlikely to reprise his role in the sequel, and shared a rumor about the movie's purported plot.

"I'm told it's a big reboot, a total re-jig," Neill told the paper.

That theory coalesces nicely with director Colin Trevorrow's recent announcement that the new film would take place in the same location as the original movie, the fictional Isla Nublar. And while producers have denied reboot plans in the past, history shows that when it comes to "JP4," myriad plotlines have been considered; maybe they're now circling back to some previously abandoned ideas?

Only time will tell what "JP4" brings, or when the movie will actually appear in theaters. It was once set for a July 2014 release; we'll have to wait for production to resume before we know a new debut date.

[via The Dominion Post h/t ScreenCrush]
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