The new trailer for "Man of Steel" is all about the action, as General Zod (Michael Shannon) is back to remind us that we're not alone. We're sheltering one of his citizens -- the smokin' new Superman, played by Henry Cavill -- and if we don't fess up, Zod will zap us all.

In the new footage, the skies are full of alien ships sent by Zod, the music is dramatic and threatening, things are exploding and crashing into buildings, and then there's the pretty lady telling Supes (Henry Cavill) that he's doomed. "You will not win. For every human you save, we will kill a million more."

This is the Zack Snyder we know from "300" and "Watchmen," with guitar riffs and piles of skulls and people punching each other in the sky.

Will this trailer and its summer blockbuster vibe win over skeptics, or are we still doubting the power of that red cape and those blue tights?

We'll kneel before Zod on June 12.
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