We don't love classics comedies like "Anchorman," "Animal House," and "Airplane" for their flawless story-lines or great character development, we love them because they are hilarious. The characters usually get themselves into ridiculous situations, like fatal street fights with rival news teams, for example. So, it's OK for our favorite comedies to have a few flaws, right?

Not exactly. As with any other movie, filmmakers make mistakes during shooting and editing -- a reappearing, then disappearing plate here, a visible stunt wire there. No one's perfect, after all. But, some blunders are just too blatant to ignore, so we decided to point them out for you. You're welcome.

Take a look below at what we think are some of the worst "oops" moments from some very funny movies. As usual, all photos are courtesy of moviemistakes.com.

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