Sometimes, parents just don't understand -- but in this case, they do.

Will and Jaden Smith have proven themselves to be a dynamic on-screen duo, but their father-son chemistry is evident off set, as well. In the latest episode of Unscripted, the "After Earth" stars take on the questions you sent in, and we learn their special nicknames for each other, how they grew closer on set, and how Jaden got stuck in the middle of a deadly snake circle (hint: he blames his dad).

In "After Earth," Will and Jaden play Cypher (Will) and Kitai (Jaden), a father and son (obviously) who crash land on Earth 1,000 years after a cataclysmic disaster forced humans to flee the planet. Because Cypher is seriously injured, Kitai needs to set out alone on the feral planet to find help.

Watch the adorable episode of Unscripted above, and see the duo in action when "After Earth" lands in theaters May 31.

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