One-and-a-half million dollars can buy you a lot: a nice house, a few cars, a trip to outer space with Leonardo DiCaprio. Wait, what?

At last night's (May 23) amFAR charity auction at the Cannes Film Festival, an unnamed bidder payed that hefty sum for a seat next to "The Great Gatsby" star on a Virgin Galactic trip, according to People. Virgin CEO Richard Branson's "Galactic" venture will send tourists into space for the first time.

People also reports that, a few minutes later, emcee Sharon Stone convinced another daring couple to shell out $2.3 million for two seats on the same flight. All three bidders will spend three days with DiCaprio training for the flight in Texas, and will then strap themselves in next to the actor on the space flight.

According to Us, DiCaprio is not the first star to join the journey -- in March 2012, Ashton Kutcher became the 500th person to sign up for the trip.

All together, the event, which benefited AIDS research, raised $25 million.

[via People h/t US]
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