The meter's officially running on "Dr. Cabbie," the latest film from "Breakaway" writer/star Vinay Virmani and Quebecois director Jean-Francois Pouliot.

About a young Indian doctor who immigrates to Canada only to discover his degree isn't recognized, the film stars Virmani as Deepak, who finds another way to put his medical skills to good use: open a mobile clinic out of the back of a cab. And with shooting currently underway in and around Toronto, Moviefone Canada was able to go behind the scenes and visit the set, where we caught up with the cast and crew to uncover more details about the upcoming comedy.

Shooting a party scene in a large banquet hall in an Ontario suburb, it was one of the first times the entire cast was all together under one roof, and the energy levels were high. Virmani, who also co-write the script, was thrilled to see how everything was turning out, saying, "From what I wrote to how it's looking today, the film is a hundred times bigger and better and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it."

That starts with the cast, which includes some familiar names. "We've been able to put together a very international cast: Kunal Nayyar from "Big Bang Theory," Adrianne Palicki, who's just such an amazing actress, a couple of actors from India," Virmani told us.

Pouliot was just as excited about his actors, saying, "Adrianne Palicki, never would've thought that we would've been able to get a star like that. And Rizwan [Manji] and Kunal, I mean, all these guys ... they're comedic machines, they have a sense of timing that's amazing."

Fresh off "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" and playing Deepak's love interest Natalie, it was that comedic element that drew Palicki, who said, "The fact that you just have this really earnest character who's doing these things that are kind of ridiculous keeps it light and funny. And then you have characters like Kunal's character, Tony, who's just an idiot. They just keep you laughing the entire movie."

Nayyar plays a fellow cabbie, according to Virmani. "He's the first friend that I make in Canada. He's nothing like my character Deepak. He's crass, he's loud, he's great with women, and I'm terrible with women in the film. But he teaches me how to loosen up."

And as excitement surrounding the film builds both locally and abroad, the good vibes are extending beyond the set. "Shooting in Toronto has been amazing," Virmani said. "People are so supportive of film, and every time they see our 'Dr. Cabbie' cab now, which is so outstanding, they cheer for it, and people take pictures of it."

"India's really buzzing as well," he continued. "We have one of the biggest stars in India, Mr. Salman Khan, who's now presenting the film. And that's what I mean that the film is a very universal story."

"Although it's a Canadian story, it applies to families and young individuals all over the world," explained Virmani. "And that's why you have U.S. stars associated to this, Indian stars associated, because there are some themes in there that apply to everybody."

For more on "Dr. Cabbie," stay tuned for our full set visit report later this year, when the comedy arrives in theatres this fall.
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