In the battle between "Fast and Furious 6" and "Hangover Part III," Vin Diesel and crew crossed the finish line in first place. Between Friday and Sunday, "Fast" racked up $98.5 million dollars, with estimates pointing to a $122.5 haul by the end of the Monday holiday, with an additional $275.5 million internationally. This will put it at the second biggest opening of the year, just behind "Iron Man 3." Even more remarkably, pre-weekend estimates had pegged the sixth installment of the series to top out at $80 million over the four day opening.

"Hangover Part III" landed in second place with $42.4 million between Friday and Sunday, and is aiming to close out the long weekend with $64 million. Last week's number one movie "Star Trek Into Darkness" dropped to number three, bringing in $38 million between Friday and Sunday. Totaling up receipts for all the big releases should bring this Memorial Day weekend to $323 million, shattering 2011's previous record-breaking weekend.

The full top ten: 1. "Fast & Furious 6" - $98,500,000 2. "The Hangover Part III" - $42,400,000 3. "Star Trek Into Darkness" - $38,000,000 4. "Epic" - $33,500,000 5. "Iron Man 3" - $19,213,000 6. "The Great Gatsby (2013)" - $13,620,000 7. "Mud" - $1,928,000 8. "42" - $1,270,000 9. "The Croods" - $1,220,000 10. "Oblivion" - $840,000

[via AP]

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