Looks like we can add "Hornswoggle" to the list of lucky charms: After the WWE star signed on to play the title role in a reboot of horror series "Leprechaun," the film has finally found its director.

The Wrap reports that visual effects specialist Zach Lipovsky will helm the long-awaited feature, based on the 1993 flick starring Warwick Davis and Jennifer Anniston. Lipovsky, who got his big break when he won the short-lived Steven Spielberg-Mark Burnett reality series "On the Lot," has directed numerous short films and TV movies, but never a theatrical feature.

"Leprechaun," which toed the line between horror and comedy and spawned several sequels, focused on an evil leprechaun searching for his pot of gold and dodging four-leaf clovers. Producers of the reboot have been mum about what screenwriter Harris Wilkinson's script entails, preferring the franchise's new direction remain a mystery - though Hornswoggle's WWE affiliation (and Irish in-the-ring persona) ensures that the new villain should be able to kick some gold-stealing butt.

The film is a joint venture between Lionsgate and WWE studios. No word yet on production or release dates, but here's hoping Hornswoggle's involvement keeps the tongue-in-cheek spirit of the original intact.

[via The Wrap]
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