You would think being married to Borat would help advance your career, but Isla Fisher says that's not the case.

"The Great Gatsby" actress recently told British Cosmopolitan that being married to already famous actor Sacha Baron Cohen did not help her break into Hollywood when she was starting out.

"I really have had no help. In fact, the one time I did ask for help was after my agent in L.A. fired me," Fisher told the mag, adding, "I said to Sacha, who was my boyfriend at the time, 'Can you ask your agent if they'll represent me?' And his agent said, 'No way.'"

The rejection didn't deter the Australian actress, however. She insists it "spurred" her to push even harder to find her place in the business. And find one she did. As mentioned, Fisher starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in this month's 3D-ified "Gatsby" adaptation, and with Morgan Freeman in the thriller "Now You See Me," out today.

[via British Cosmo h/t Us]

'Gatsby' Star Isla Fisher Rejected by Husband Sacha Baron Cohen's Agent

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