Watch out, Liam Neeson -- Hugh Jackman's elbowing into your "my daughter is missing and I'll do whatever it takes to find her" ouevre.

In an intense and very detailed trailer for "Prisoners," Jackman's Keller Dover and his wife (Maria Bello) take their kids to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends (Terrence Howard, Viola Davis). However, when their daughters go outside to play, they end up going missing. After Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) brings in a suspect, Dover struggles to contain his anger and desperation. "Someone has to make him talk or they're going to die," he warns.

Just how far is Dover willing to go to get his daughter back? Pretty far, it seems. Warning: This trailer reveals quite a lot of the movie.

"Prisoners" hits theaters September 20.

Hugh Jackman's Alleged Stalker Tosses Pubic Hair Loaded Razor

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A desperate father takes the law into his own hands after police fail to find two kidnapped girls. Read More

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