Looks like reports suggesting Jessica Chastain was interested in starring in the Hillary Clinton biopic were premature. The actress revealed in a recent interview that she had no knowledge of the project.

"No, that's actually not true," Chastain told Metro UK of the rumor that she was considering taking the lead in "Rodham." "I found out about the project online, but, yeah, there's a lot of stuff out there."

It seems the rumor was started by none other than the film's director, James Ponsoldt, who told The Independent that "a lot of really great actors are interested" in the part of a young, 1970s-era Clinton, in her days spent as a member of the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry legal team. Ponsoldt also implied that Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried, and Reese Witherspoon were all circling the project, though now that Chastain is definitively out, we wonder just how sound the rumors of the others' interest actually is.

Whoever takes on the role is in for a challenge, as an alleged copy of the script leaked to The Daily Beast describes young Hillary in less-than-flattering terms, and includes at least one steamy sex scene between her and Bill. Looks like filmmakers will have some time to figure that out -- the movie isn't due out until some time near the 2016 presidential election.

[via Metro UK h/t CinemaBlend]

Jessica Chastain Talks Possibility Of Playing Hillary Clinton
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