The classic works of Shakespeare have been adapted to the screen since the early days of cinema, ranging from authentic retellings to nearly unrecognizable interpretations to versions that stay true to the source with innovative modernizations. Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing," which hits theaters on June 7, is something of the latter -- a contemporary update of the Bard's comedy starring a cast from commercial television, yet with the original Shakespearean dialogue intact.

While Whedon's "Much Ado" is clearly a Shakespeare adaptation, there are plenty of movies that we may not have known were based on the writer's classic plays. From Disney favorites to rom-coms to award winners, Shakespeare has inspired nearly every genre with stories that have given way to a variety of interpretations.

Think you know a Shakespeare story when it's revamped for the screen? Take a look at the movies that have been teaching you classic literature all along.
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