A lot of people are looking forward to seeing "The Internship" for a couple of key reasons: it's the first movie to reunite "Wedding Crashers" co-stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and it has unprecedented footage of the famed Google campus in Mountain View, California.

The film is even being referred to as "The Google Movie" in many circles because of the level the tech giant was involved in production. It served as a consultant, and allowed extensive filming at its campus. While not all of the "Google" scenes were actually filmed at Google, the company's stamp is reportedly all over the movie, with its trademark culture on full display.

"The Internship" follows two middle-aged salesmen (Wilson and Vaughn) who score coveted internships at Google to prove that they're not irrelevant in today's tech-dominated world. Naturally, hilarious antics ensue as they try to compete with young tech-savvy whippersnappers.

It's a great premise, so it's hard not to get our hopes up about this one. But, it's been a while since Wilson or Vaughan has been in anything good. Both have had a series of bombs, like Wilson's "The Big Year" and "How Do You Know," and Vaughn's "The Watch" and "The Dilemma."

Yet a lot of people are still really excited about seeing them back together on the big screen. In fact, at press time a whopping 96 percent of Rotten Tomatoes users said they wanted to see it. It's easy to understand why -- Wilson and Vaughn were so good together in "The Wedding Crashers." Maybe their comedic chemistry will help end their losing streak at the box office. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here are the top seven reasons why we'll be seeing "The Internship" the first chance we get.

1. A peek inside Google's famous HQ. Now is our chance to see what we've been hearing about for all of these years depicted on the big screen: the Segways, the on-site massages, the nap pods, the laundry services. Yes, laundry services!

2. "The Wedding Crashers" montage scene. This was one of the best montages ever (and it made the song "Shout" a wedding staple for years to come). Here's hoping Wilson and Vaughn can recreate that montage magic in "The Internship."

3. Seeing Wilson and Vaughn school some young 'uns. Vaughn did it so well as Beanie the fast-talking stereo salesman in "Old School," we can't wait to see him unleash some life lessons again.

4. Hansel. Wilson's iconic "Zoolander" character cemented Wilson's status as a gifted comedic actor. Yes, gifted. Hansel wasn't an easy character to pull off, but Wilson did it brilliantly.

5. Trent. I think people will always have a soft spot for Vaughn, thanks to his portrayal of the classic conflicted '90s dude Trent in "Swingers."

6. Rose Byrne. She's consistently great in everything she's in, from "Damages" to "Bridesmaids" to "Get Him to the Greek." In "The Internship," she plays an uptight exec whose patience is tested by the two middle-aged interns. As she proved in "Damages" and "Bridesmaids," few actresses do "tightly wound" better than she does.

7. "Rushmore." Wilson co-wrote this classic Wes Anderson flick -- so we hope he helped Vaughn with "The Internship" script, because, let's face it: Wilson's got a far better track record as a writer than Vaughn does. (Wilson has classics like "Rushmore," "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Bottle Rocket" under his belt, while Vaughn's writing credits include "Couples Retreat" and "The Break-Up.")

"The Internship" opens on June 7, 2013.

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