As far as cheesy action movies go, "Getaway," which stars Ethan Hawke in a scenario that liberally combines elements of "Drive," "Taken," and that Nicholas Cage movie "Stolen," looks kind of excellent. The film's premise is made all the more entertaining by the inclusion of former Disney star Selena Gomez as the world's least likely carjacker, continuing a string of bad girl performances originated in this year's outstanding "Spring Breakers."

The trailer, which debuted on Apple, starts out with Hawke being shown footage of his wife's abduction, as a shadowy man (Jon Voight) tells Hakwe to "drive." Cue car chase montage! The spooky voice says that Hawke has certain abilities others do not, probably because he was a former race car driver, and that now, the evil kidnapping criminal mastermind growls, "I have you." When Gomez shows up brandishing a handgun and an oversized hoodie, Voight says that she can be Hawke's new partner. Say whaaaaaat? This revelation is followed by what appear to be lots and lots of car chases.

The movie was produced by Joel Silver through his usually reliable Dark Castle banner, and after "Before Midnight," it'd be a safe bet to say that a film comprised solely of Ethan Hawke would probably get our movie-going dollars. The release date (Labor Day) doesn't instill a lot of confidence, since September is where movies go to die, but hey, it still looks like a supercharged blast.

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