If you saw the corporate espionage movie "Duplicity," starring Clive Owen and Julia Robert,s and thought, "This would be a lot better if one of the Hemsworth brothers was in it," well, your prayers are about to be answered. The thriller "Paranoia" stars Liam Hemsworth as a young man caught in a tug of war between two corporate giants played by Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

The film features Hemsworth as Adam, who's plucked from obscurity and retrofitted to become a young member of corporate society. He's then sent into Jock Goddard's (Ford) organization by Nicholas Wyatt (Oldman) as a spy to steal trade secrets. (We're not really sure what the secrets are, but they're probably juicy.) Complicating matters is the fact that Adam has fallen in love with Goddard's daughter, played by the always-wonderful Amber Heard. Also there's an FBI Agent snooping around. Isn't there always?

"Paranoia" was directed by Robert Luketic, and it looks like it could be pretty fun. The outstanding supporting cast, which also includes Josh Holloway, Lucas Till, Ashley Benson, Julian McMahon, and Embeth Davidtz, certainly helps, and Hemsworth does share the magnetism of his older brother.

"Paranoia" opens on August 16th.

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