Adapting seemingly un-adaptable properties into feature films is an ongoing Hollywood trend, with everyone from Grumpy Cat to the Angry Birds getting a movie deal in recent months. And now 20th Century Fox has just announced it's acquired the rights to the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series, with plans to produce what the Hollywood Reporter calls "a crossplatform four-quadrant action-adventure franchise."

But just how the studio will do so is anyone's guess. As the series' name implies, the books were unique in that the reader chose which plotline the story would follow, taking an active role in the tale's outcome. If they didn't like it, they could go back and choose a different pathway with a different ending.

Seeing as how no one story in the series had any singular plotline, it remains to be seen how Fox will produce a coherent adaptation of the series, which covered multiple genres -- action, science fiction, mystery -- and spanned a slew of varied locations, including the desert and space. Could there be some sort of audience participation in the theater? Will fans be able to vote after they see a film on which book or storyline they'd like to see next?

One of the original authors of the series, R.A. Montgomery, is acting as an executive producer on the project, so perhaps he has some idea as to how this adaptation can succeed. If it doesn't, fans who grew up reading the books from the 1970s to the 1990s may choose not to follow this adventure into theaters.

[via THR]

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