Despicable Me 2 - Clip No.1
Gru (Steve Carell) is unamused by Lucy's (Kristen Wiig) martial arts moves in this exclusive clip from "Despicable Me 2."

In the sequel to 2010's "Despicable Me," Carell reprises his role as super villain Gru, who is now reformed and has given up his evil ways thanks to his three adopted daughters. The new Gru is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help deal with a powerful new super criminal. The movie also features the voices of Russell Brand and Al Pacino (who makes his animated film debut).

In the clip above, Gru learns that Lucy is his new partner in anti-villain crime-fighting, and he is less than thrilled about it.

"Despicable Me 2" hits theaters July 3.

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Despicable Me 2
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