"Dumber and Dumber To" might be dead in the water. Warner Bros. finally canned the sort-of sequel, which would see the return of stars Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey as dangerously dumb friends on a road trip. Although another studio could pick up the project, it's been almost 20 years since the first film. Therefore, are audiences still interested in this?

While the Farrelly Brothers weren't involved with the underwhelming prequel, "Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd," they haven't helmed a hit in years. Peter Farrelly's labor of love, "Movie 43," was ignored by most of the stars and directors involved, as well as audiences. Daniels is busy making HBO gold on "The Newsroom" and has focused his career on smaller dramas and comedies in the years since "Dumb and Dumber." Jim Carrey is trying to resurrect his career with "Kick-Ass 2," and is attached to a bank heist comedy currently known as "Loomis Fargo." Carrey would do well to stick with "Loomis Fargo," it seems, even though director Jared Hess hasn't really found his footing since the success of "Napoleon Dynamite."

Then again, a franchise is a franchise. Deadline reports, "There are about five distributors ready to take domestic. Keep an eye on Universal!"

Would you be psyched for another installation of "Dumb"-ness, or is this style of physical comedy past its prime?

[via Deadline]
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