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The first teaser trailer for "Diana" has dropped, giving us our first look at Naomi Watts as the late Princess Diana, the woman commonly referred to as the People's Princess.

"Diana" takes place long after her fairy-tale wedding to Prince Charles in 1981, in the years right before her death. The story focuses on the secret two-year love affair with Dr. Hasnat Khan, a heart surgeon who is played by Naveen Andrews; it's said that Diana wanted to marry Dr. Khan, but he thought it wouldn't work out for a number of reasons and broke off their relationship. Besides cultural differences, her profile in the media would have made it impossible to carry on a normal relationship. The Princess couldn't go anywhere without the paparazzi hounding her, and some speculate it was the crush of paps following her car that caused the accident that killed her and her then-boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed. (The conspiracy theories about her death are pretty crazy.)

Director Oliver Hirschbiegel's film is positioned for an Oscar run, and given the preparations Watts has described for the role, it looks like it could be a definite contender. According to Vanity Fair, "Watts reportedly spent six weeks working with a dialogue coach, studied Diana's 1995 interview with Martin Bashir, and was fitted with a prosthetic nose and four wigs."

Although Watts doesn't speak a word in this teaser, she certainly looks the part. What do you think?

Diana-Trailer No.1

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