You may have already forgotten that a second "G.I. Joe" movie came out just a few months ago, but Paramount hasn't. Almost immediately after "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" hit theaters in March with a booming global box office, a third movie was announced. Not too shabby for a flick that encountered a nine-month delay for reshoots, plot changes, 3D conversion, and the like.

Now Paramount has announced that they are bringing back director Jon M. Chu for the third installment of the franchise. It's not yet clear who from "Retaliation" will be joining him, although Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a good bet. He told CNN last March that "Retaliation" was a "massive opportunity." He added, "I enjoy being in franchises because they make a lot of people happy around the world... That's a lot of smiles, and that's a cool thing." (Also, money.)

At the moment, the third "G.I. Joe" movie doesn't have an official title or a writer attached, so there's no telling what direction this actioner will go in. We can expect to hear more very soon, as one could speculate that "Joe" is on the fast track for next summer.

[via Deadline]

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