Poseidon's son is back, and he's more ready to fight evil than ever.

In "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters," we catch up with the titular teenage demigod (Logan Lerman) and his friends as they try to save their dying safe haven, starting on a journey to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece and stop an ancient evil.

In this exclusive poster (below), we get a close-up look at the weaponry Percy has on-hand to ensure he wins the battle -- a sword branded with his father's symbol: a trident. We also get a closer look at Percy's 5 o'clock shadow, possibly hinting that we can expect this installment to be slightly more mature than "The Lightning Thief." For now, only the Gods (and anyone who's read the book) know what's in store for Mr. Jackson and his crew.

"Sea of Monsters" hits theaters August 7.


Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
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To save Camp Half-Blood, Percy and his demigod friends must retrieve the Golden Fleece. Read More

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