Wow, where to begin with this one? A math teacher in Hautes-de-Seine, France, decided it was time to show his students their first horror movie. But rather than starting them off small with something like, I don't know, "Ghostbusters," he went straight for the gore with "Saw." You know the one with the two guys chained in a bathroom with a dead body? That one.

One of the student's fathers told French radio station Europe 1, "He returned from school on Monday evening, visibly in some discomfort, not well. I asked him and he told me his maths teacher had shown them a horror film during class." The teacher was suspended for a day, and the school is investigating the case. In addition, the Federation of Students' Parents Councils told The Local, "We're in the process of seeing what sort of legal measures we might be able to take in this case."

It's unclear what the movie rating for "Saw" is in France, but the ultra-violent film "Only God Forgives" was recently given a -12 rating, meaning that it's unsuitable for children under 12. Other films given an -12 rating include "A History of Violence," "Fargo," and "Django Unchained." "Hostel" has a -16 rating, which means it's only suitable for people over 16. However, chances are good that most parents would be upset if their child was shown most decidedly adult fare, in math class or not.

[via The Local h/t THR]

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