We've already ranked "Superman: The Movie" as the best Superman movie of all time, and now we're back to declare it the best superhero movie of all time. Sure, there have been some great additions to the genre in the past 35 years, including "The Dark Knight," "X2: X-Men United," "The Avengers," and "The Incredibles," but they all still kneel at the boots of Richard Donner's exemplary 1978 comic book adaptation.

"Superman: The Movie" is the one that started the party and did it so well that there was barely even a contender thrown into the ring for more than a decade. Is it a perfect film? Not quite. But then no superhero movie is. Even with its few flaws, "Superman" is still the closest thing we have to a superhero masterpiece, and below we offer ten reasons why it remains the champ.

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