Sisterhood is powerful, as the saying goes -- including when it's operating on the wrong side of the law. That the real-life thieves depicted in Sofia Coppola's new movie "The Bling Ring" are all girls is one of the things that makes the film stand out from similar cautionary tales. There aren't many movies about girl gangs, and the ones that do exist tend to play up that novelty for its campiest, most risqué possibilities. Some, however, do go beyond exploitation to explore the politics and sociology that might lead a group of women to band together as outlaws.

Either way, you don't have to be a fetishist or a feminist to find girl-gang movies exciting. Here are 13 of the most notable girl-gang flicks in movie history.

The Bling Ring- Trailer No. 1
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The Bling Ring
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A teenager (Israel Broussard) and his gang of fame-obsessed youths (Katie Chang, Taissa Farmiga) use... Read More

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